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It depends on your repayment capacity as assessed by us and our banker that is determined by a number of factors such as your income, age, number of dependents, spouse's income, assets, liabilities, stability continuity of occupation and savings history etc. You must be CIB clean borrower, tax payee and your income must be three times of your monthly installment
Our bank usually provides maximum 70% of flat purchase cost and 70% of cost of House Construction cost. Maximum limit is BDT 2.00 crore.
Maximum age limit is 70 years on maturity of the loan tenure. In that case your spouse can apply as primary applicant if age limit cover along with you as co-applicant applicant based on your income and eligibility of re-payment of EMI.
If you have proven record of other source of income which is sufficient for repayment of loan installment you can apply as co applicant together with your main (spouse) applicant.
Your spouse can apply for loan on your behalf if your income permits and remit regularly through bank channel having proven record.
You can apply for a loan for used flat not more than 10 years old. However, management may consider your proposal subject to the condition of the building/flat , location and other issues such as your age, eligibility of repayment etc.
As per the Bangladesh bank’s guide line and set rules of the Pubali Bank Ltd., maximum loan limit amount is BDT 2.0 crore for a period of 10/15/18 years tenure. You will get 70% of the construction cost in different stage according to the progress of the construction.
Generally it starts from the next month of your loan disbursement. However you can get grace period for a period of six months for the construction of your own house.
Yes , you can get subject to the approval from the different concerned authorities, eligibility, age limit and repayment capacity.
PBL prescribed loan application form is available with us needs to be filled up and submitted to us along with required documents. As CLS Agents of the bank we shall do the rest that includes processing of the loan.
Please contact us or any branches of Pubali Bank Ltd., nearer to for the fees and charge details currently applicable to avail House construction/ Flat purchase Loan. Please note that loan- related fees are subject to 15% VAT. There is no agent’s service charge payable to agent.
PBL loans are repaid in Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) comprising both principal and interest amount. EMI starts after availing the full loan amount. In partly drawn cases, only the interest amount (PEMII) calculated on the already drawn amount is payable each month.
Please click the link beside for presently applicable home loan interest rates.
PBL offer fixed rate of interest for Flat purchase loan and other i.e , the rate of interest remains same throughout the loan tenure.
Holding tax benefit from concerned authority such as City Corporations may be availed if your property is registered mortgaged with Pubali Bank Ltd
Not mandatory but, It is recommended that the property is duly insured for fire and other
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