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How it works

Step One

It is Simple. We undertake the following steps toward sanction loan from the concerned branch subject to fulfilling all terms and conditions

Upon Checking the CIB status of the client and guarantor(s) through concerned PBL branch we start processing the loan application form duly filled and signed by the client and verifying all documents submitted and completing the other parameters by conducting CPV, inspection and valuation ( valuation and survey of the property are required in the case of CLS mortgage loan) .

Step Two

Our next step is to complete our internal formalities that include our recommendation and forwarding letter in order to submit the proposal to the designated branch from where it goes to the concerned PBL Regional Office after necessary scrutiny, compliance and DBR checking for budget allocation.) .

Step Three

Fill in an application form on our website

On received back the loan application proposal with approval and budget allocation from Regional office, a sanction letter was issued by the PBL branch in favor of the applicant when disbursement of loan amount was made just after completing the branch internal formalities.